Oakleigh Catholic Parish

of Sacred Heart and Christ Our Holy Redeemer Churches

Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart and Christ Our Holy Redeemer,

We are glad to inform you that we are re-starting  our daily and weekend masses. At this stage only  10 people are permitted.  For Booking to participate during weekend masses, please contact the parish office  03 95681206 or 0432559468.   The new guidelines are as follows: 

1. Please call the parish office for booking for  weekend Masses. 

2. Whoever attends the Mass should provide their full name, and contact details.  

3. Sanitation of the place after the Mass.

4. Maintain social distance. 

5. One hour gap between Masses. 

We still  do the live streaming of Sunday Masses on our Facebook Community Page (search @oakleighparish and press LIKE

Masses for live streaming on Facebook  times are as follows :

Saturday 5.30 pm  Sacred Heart, Oakleigh

Sunday 9.45 am  Sacred Heart, Oakleigh 

Sunday 11 am Christ Our Holy Redeemer, East Oakleigh.

Please keep yourself safe and secure.

With prayers and wishes,

Fr. Maria Raju Godavarthi

Oakleigh Parish.